Company history


 Pnn Medical SA is acquired by CHEMO Group and change its name to Veldana Medical SA.



A year after the demerge from Pnn Medical A/S, Pnn Medical SA renews its company and product logos, as well as its corporate identity.



Cavaterm™ 3, which is the third generation of the Cavaterm™ Central Unit is launched on the worldwide market.

Pnn Medical SA is demerged from the umbrella organization Pnn Medical A/S. A local Swiss Management Team is now in charge, supervised by a professional team of Board of Directors.



The merged companies change name to Pnn Medical. Pnn is the Latin abbreviation for “primum non nocere”, which means “First, do no harm”.



Merger between Wallsten Medical SA and Engineers & Doctors A/S.



Launch of the second generation of the Cavaterm™ Central Unit.



Launch of the Cavaterm™ plus catheter, which keeps the orginal product features but has added features for optimised safety, comfort and ease-of-use.



CE Mark obtained for the Cavaterm™ system. First introduction to the market.



First clinical trial with Cavaterm™ in the University Hospital of Lund, Sweden, which will be followed by a second clinical trial in the CHUV University Hospital of Lausanne, Switzerland, less than a year later.



Packard Development SA is founded by the Swedish engineer Hans Wallstén. This company is created to develop and commercialise a medical device for the treatment of Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding (DUB) invented by Hans Wallstén. The product is named Cavaterm™. Later the company name will be changed to Wallsten Medical SA. The name will change again in 2007 and become Pnn Medical SA.


Cavaterm is manufactured by Pnn Medical SA, Switzerland

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