Benefits for you and your patients

Choosing the Cavaterm™ solution involves relevant advantages.

For you

  • You will benefit from a system equipped with unique features for optimized safety for your patient
  • The treatment safety and efficiency is well established with more than 15 years experience and thousands of patients successfully treated
  • Cavaterm™ is a “see one do one” procedure;  you will learn the technique quickly and easily
  • Cavaterm™ is indicated for most uterine cavity sizes and shapes
  • Proven features from the latest technologies will offer you and your patient the best chances for successful treatment outcome
  • You will be using a Swiss quality product
  • You will save time: the treatment cycle lasts 10 minutes and the whole procedure lasts less than half an hour
  • The treatment can be performed under local, spinal or light general anesthesia
  • The treatment can be performed as an outpatient procedure
  • The Cavaterm™ treatment can be performed at any time during your patient’s menstrual cycle, and therefore scheduling conflicts are avoided

For your patient

Cavaterm benefits for your patient

  • Your patient will be offered a minimal invasive option; she will be thankful for the improved quality of life
  • Your patient will be given a permanent treatment
  • Your patient‘s hormonal balance will be preserved
  • Cavaterm™ will cause absolutely no feeling of mutilation / loss of feminity
  • Cavaterm™ does not cause post-operative hemorrhages
  • Post-operative infections are unlikely to happen
  • Your patient will be able to go back home a few hours after the treatment
  • Your patient will be back to her daily activities shortly
  • More than 90% of all patients are satisfied with the treatment

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