Product features

The Cavaterm™ system is equipped with specific features ensuring maximal safety and efficiency, as well as ease-of use.

Adjustable balloon length

The flexible and conforming silicone balloon is adjustable in length to provide the best internal cavity fit and protect the cervix and vagina from heat effects.

Cavaterm adjustable balloon


The Soft-Heat™ elements are safe and performant heat providers thanks to their large surface area combined with the fast circulation of the fluid. The heating elements are self-regulated, semi-conductive and located in the catheter handle, outside the patient body. They automatically maintain the optimal treatment temperature during the treatment phase, safely avoiding the risk of overheating. The target temperature is 78°C.


Circulation of heated fluid inside the balloon during the treatment


A device in the Cavabox generates vigorous forced circulation of the fluid through the heating elements and inside the balloon. This unique circulation system ensures an even temperature over the entire balloon surface and therefore allows a uniform heat treatment.

Pressure regulation

Maintaining a constant pressure of 230-240 mmHg ensures an optimal contact between the balloon surface and uterine tissue, ensuring an even heat penetration through the tissue. The Cavaterm™ Pressure Regulating-syringe allows easy and precise pressure adjustments at any time during the treatment cycle. In addition, the system is equipped with a dual overpressure safety system avoiding risks of overpressure.

Catheter insulation

Only the balloon surface reaches a temperature above 70° C. All other catheter parts, which are not in contact with the uterine cavity tissue, are insulated for optimal protection against heat.

CavaboxCavaterm central unit

The Cavabox is extremely easy to operate. Its use requires a few simple steps. In addition it is light-weight and compact for an easy transport and storage.

Treatment data storage

A chip located inside the catheter keeps a record of the treatment parameters which can be uesd for any further investigation.

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