What is Cavaterm™?

Cavaterm™ is a minimally invasive solution that durably reduces or even eliminates menstrual bleeding. It is a very safe and efficient method to treat excessive menstrual bleeding due to a hormonal imbalance or other functional disorders. Thousands of patients treated with Cavaterm™ since 1993 report excellent results causing significant improvements in their quality of life since they are no longer enduring heavy periods.

How does it work?

The inside of your womb has a lining called endometrium, which grows and then sheds off, causing bleeding. The Cavaterm™ treatment consists in eliminating the endometrium using a minimally invasive technique. A device equipped with a small balloon mounted on a tip is inserted vaginally into the womb (Picture 1), then inflated with a sterile fluid. Once filled, the balloon conforms to the cavity shape and lies against the endometrial lining, from which the bleeding originates. The fluid inside the balloon is gently heated for 10 minutes. The heat applied through the balloon safely coagulates the endometrial lining (Picture 2). This action will reduce or completely stop the bleeding. At the end of the treatment cycle, the balloon is deflated and the catheter removed from the uterus (Picture 3).

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3


A method of choice

This treatment is free of hormones and requires no incisions. It is proven to be safe and effective. It will definitely be completed after a 10 minutes treatment cycle. Shortly after the treatment, the patient can go home and  take a day to rest or return to normal activities if she feels like it.


Many thousands of patients have been successfully treated with Cavaterm™ since 1993. This method has shown safety and proven efficacy. In addition it is free of lasting side-effects.

You can download the Cavaterm™ patient information brochure by clicking on the link below

Patient information brochure

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