Why choose Cavaterm™?

If you are indicated for a Cavaterm™ treatment, we want to draw your attention to relevant advantages and benefits:

Cavatern  advantages and benefits, relief from heavy periods

  • Cavaterm™ is a safe, simple and reliable method for you and for your physician
  • Cavaterm™ will significantly reduce or even eliminate bleeding during your periods
  • Cavaterm™ treats and preserves your body: only tissue which causes bleeding is removed, this procedure is performed without incision, under light anaesthesia
  • The Cavaterm™ treatment is very well tolerated, both physically and emotionally
  • It is possible to schedule a Cavaterm™ treatment at any time during your menstrual cycle and it does not matter if your period occurs at irregular or unexpected intervals
  • The treatment and recovery time are extremely short
  • You can return to your daily activities shortly after the treatment
  • Cavaterm™ is a permanent treatment
  • Cavaterm™ is free of hormones and does not interfere with your hormonal balance
  • Approx. 95% of women treated with Cavaterm™ are satisfied with the treatment